Flutter App Development



7 Months

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2 Months




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What is Flutter App Development?

  • An Android developer is responsible for developing applications for devices powered by the Android operating system. 
  • Due to the fragmentation of this ecosystem, an Android developer must pay special attention to the application’s compatibility with multiple versions of Android and device types.


  • Android has an integrated open-source WebKit layout-based web browser to support User Interfaces like HTML5, and CSS3. Android supports multi-tasking means we can run multiple applications at a time and can switch between them.
  • Android applications are broken down into four main components: activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers. Approaching Android from these four components gives the developer the competitive edge to be a trendsetter in mobile application development.

Job Offers (Scope)

  • Android Developer
  • Become a Freelance Developer
  • Specialize in Java
  • UI/UX
  • Full-stack developers

Key point

  • C, C++
  • Data Structure
  • Dart
  • Flutter

Who can learn ?

  • Android Development students, boys, and girls, businessmen and anybody can learn. That there is no need to study but according to the demand of the time, Basic English and at least 10th standard should be educated.
  • If you have creativity then you do not even need to study. There are many companies in the market that are important to your work, but there is no importance to your education.

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