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What is 3D Modeling ?

  • 3D modeling is the actual drawing of an object using various computer software. If we speak it in our language, we can create the things around us in the same form in the computer. Today in this digital age most of the things are created with the help of various computer software. Whether it is planning a house or a piece of jewelry, everything around us is first modeled on a computer.
  • We’ve all seen potters make a variety of utensils, sculptures, and toys out of clay, just as any computer in modern times has to do with sculpting, 3D Modeling. This is also a field connected to a 3D, with which the models created are used in jewelry, games, animation, 3D printing, or CNC work.
  • We will talk about 3d models used in jewelry design. You may have seen statues of various gods and goddesses, pendants with their own faces, ornaments with the faces of celebrities and players or animal faces, as well as statues of Ganapatiji in the temple of the house, or silver coin designs of Lakshmiji are created in this software called ZBrush.
  • Recently this software has been widely used for jewelry design. With which you can get a very good income by making new creations every day.


  • 3D modeling is basically the concept of digital sculpting. Today we all are living in a virtual world. We are surrounded by digital objects in today’s era. We are surrounded by digital objects in today’s era. That means we need entertainment like a movie, playing a game, buying new things online and everything. You need to do with computer-based sculpting that requires 3D modeling.
  • In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (either inanimate or living) in three dimensions via specialized software. The product is called a 3D model. The model can also be physically created using 3D printing devices.

Job Offers(scope)

  • Video Game
  • Manufacturing And Production
  • Architecture
  • Animation
  • Films
  • Jewellery Manufacture
  • Digital sculpting Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Environment (Layout) & Theme Developer
  • Jewellery Face Work Artist
  • CNC Based Artist

Who can learn ?

  • 3D modeling can be learned by students, boys and girls, businessmen, job seekers, there is no need to study, basic English and at least 10th standard should be studied as per the demand of the time.
  • There is no need to study if you have creativity. There are many companies in the market that value your work, not your education. In such a company you can progress quickly.

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