Autodesk Maya


9 Months

Duration course



Online & Offline


What is 3D Game Design?

In 3D Game Design, students learn the basics of 3D video game design including models, textures, volumes, lighting, and more. Students will create their own amazing 3D world from start to finish. This is a project-based course where students take on the role of creator.


  • Game design is a large field, drawing from the fields of computer science/programming, creative writing, and graphic design. Game designers take the creative lead in imagining and bringing to life video game worlds.
  • As a game designer, you’ll bring ideas, build prototypes, create interactive narration and develop the game’s mechanics. You’ll design systems that are easily maintainable, expandable, and comfortable to use while injecting fun into the user experience.

Job Offers (Scope)

  • Modeling Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting & Shading Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Rigger
  • Animator
  • Art director
  • Layout Artist
  • Animation (Cartoon) supervisor

Who can learn ?

  • 3D Game Design students, boys, and girls, businessmen, and anybody can learn. That there is no need to study but according to the demand of the time, Basic English and at least 10th standard should be educated.
  • If you have created then you do not even need to study. There are many companies in the market that are important to your work, but there is no importance to your education.

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